Hi, I Jyppe A. Quidores and the CreativityWindow™ is my personal blog. It touches variety of topics about (but not limited to) graphic design, visual arts, leisure, nature, homesteading and anything I am interested writing about. You can read more about me HERE.

This blog was purely about visual merchandising when it was founded, but later on it also caters the needs of the beginners in photography, graphic design, arts and crafts, display, marketing  and other creative fields. If you notice, all of those mentioned subjects are wandering around ‘visual communication’, a subject that is very useful for visual merchandisers. You could therefore expect many old posts related VM on this blog.

The visual merchandising category of this blog is dedicated to the tips and ideas on how to stimulate customers’ perceptual and emotional response through aesthetics and other elements of retailing and on the career advancement of visual merchandisers.

One of the topics under the said category that we find to be more interesting is the window display, which consists of inspiring photos of store windows around the world and ideas how to create an effective one.

When I left my job as visual merchandiser, I went back to my hometown, in a countryside of the Mindanao, southern part of the Philippines and spent much time in the farm. I discovered many things in the environment and about nature; I posted some of them on here.

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