Pampag Eco Park in Alamada - Tam Coc of Vietnam Feels

 Pampag Eco Park is dubbed as the located at Sitio Kitub, Barangay Bao, Alamada North Cotabato, and it is named after the owner of the land where the site is located. Some tourists say that site is like Tam Coc of Vietnam.
The unique wall of rocks which are adorned with tiny falls, creeping roots and lush vegetation along the Kitub-Bao river is what mesmerizer the visitors while having a boat ride for only Php100.00 per person. The entrance fee is free.

How to get there? 

Cotabato City to Libungan: 1 hour ride (Bus/Van) 
Davao to Libungan: 3-4 hours ride (Bus/Van)

Libungan to Nicaan: 20 mins (Motorcycle)
Nicaan to Kitub: 20 mins (Motorcycle)
Sitio Kitub to Pampag Eco Park

Stop Over: Phoenix Gasoline Station
From there, 2-3 minutes ride (Motorcycle) or 3-5 minutes walk to actual site.

Services Offered:
  • Boat Ride with Tour Guide
  • Picnic Area
  • Orientation
  • Signing of Waivers
BOAT RIDE: P100/head (Inclusive of the use of Safety Gears - Helmet/Life Vest)

Photos by Nico Q. Rimo.

For more information, visit Pampag Eco Park Official Facebook Page:

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