10 Creative Skills a Visual Merchandiser Should Have


To entice the customers to come in your store and buy is the primary goal of visual merchandiser; the window and internal display and other merchandising of promotional events will help you do that. 

And, to make sure that you become effective on doing it, here are the following skills you needed:


This is the first skill that you need as visual merchandiser. I am referring to Designing in general. Your main concern as visual merchandiser is to set-up the point of sale (POS) materials and the products to become highly visible, attractive and ergonomic to the consumer. Thus, you must not just know the principles and elements design but also know how to use them effectively to achieve the purpose.

In addition, as visual merchandiser, you are sometimes a part on making floor plans and in-charge of selecting appropriate POS materials - you must have know-how about interior design, and as visual merchandiser, you are also responsible on selecting and matching appropriate costumes for and dressing up the mannequins - you must have know-how about fashion and fashion design.


This is the art of adding stuffs and embellishments into a certain place or object to make it appealing to the eyes. 

Decorating gives fresh look to an unwanted area of a store, object or any place and intrigues and ignites the emotion of consumers which will unconsciously draw them back to your store again and again.

Table Skirting

This skill is not only for those people who work at hotels and restaurants. Give an extra value to the product by putting it on the top of a well skirted table. This will throw an impression to your customers that your product is special. 

On the other hand, table skirting skill is not only limited to tables; you can used the same principle on covering your offer bin so that it will not look bare.

Flower Arrangement

I have aforementioned the decorating and flower agreement is not so far from it. More often, when you are a guy visual merchandiser, you will tend dodge from this skill because this quite sounds a feminine activity, but man, you have no choice because it’s a part of your job therefore you to do so. 

Take note how frustrating to see a rumbling flowers in a flower vase when you enter in a business establishment or stores; this may be a small matter but can damage a corporate brand.


This is fun for me because I love mixing different colors of paint to produce new one. Painting is not just as easy as holding a paint brush or roller brush and rubbing it on your project. 

You must have a good sense of color harmony and color scheming to produce a composition that is quite unique which will catch people’s attention.

Freehand Drawing and Writing

You may belong to a business that uses new technologies but for some small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and retail businesses, this is necessary.

Using marker pens for POS price tags and shelves talkers is quite cost-effective than digital printing for your small business especially in a retail store where prices of goods are regularly changed. On the other hand, a large drawing can also be used as background of window display.


This skill will help a lot on saving your budget for visual merchandising. Think of painted twigs, origami out of used office paper, display table out of empty boxes, artificial flowers out of bottles of mineral water and soft drinks straw and other things that you have used before as materials for your floor and window display instead of buying new decorations. What you only need is your creativity and sense of art.


The most popular material on sculpting stuffs for visual merchandising is the Styrofoam because it is easy to cut and easy to form. Paper mache is also good and cost-effective material.

If your are not really gifted with this talent, at least you know the basics skills in sculpting.

Letter Cutting

You may use manual or advance technologies to perform this task but for an in-house visual merchandiser, manual letter cutting is the closest to reality. 

This is usually applied to the environmental graphic or the signs and signage system like brand or corporate logos, directional signs and store signage where vinyl stickers are used.


Good photographers always see things around them as if these things are inside a frame to create a state of art compositions. They look at every element and visualize how every object will be seen in the final output, the photo, and adjust the setting of the next shoot depending on the result of the first one.  After you have set up your window or floor display, take a photograph of it and see how it looks in 2D. 

Take advantage of the mushrooming image-capturing devices (digital camera, mobile phone, iPhones and etc.) and online social media platforms of the new generation for your business via visual merchandising. 

If you have good photography skills, you know how to do visual merchandising that encourage passersby to pose in front of your floor or window display and other projects to have photographed. They may share the photos to their friends or post it on Facebook; then you will have this as free advertisement.

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