At the precipice, we change.

As I was scrolling my Facebook feed, I was stuck on the old movie,  The Day the Earth Stood still, starring Keanu Reeves where the actor said, "At the precipice, we change."

Literally, the word "precipice" means a very steep rock face or cliff, especially a tall one, and the whole statement means that in times of life-or-death situations, people change. A person can make a 360 degrees turn if he or she is at the peak of a very serious situation.

Especially during this hard time when the word is hit by the pandemic COVID-19 and everyone is scared of the novel corona virus, we do things that we do not usually do.

For those who do not follow the orders of our government as precautionary measure against the disease, I hope we will not wait until we reach the precipice before we make a change.

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