7 More Photo of Simple Table Skirting Styles

When buying products, though adults often get interested what is inside the container, they are also attracted to better packaging. 

The same is true when hosting events. While people are often interested with will be going on in the activity, people will also be enticed on how the venue is glamoured and take note that tables are always on the center stage. It builds up first impression.

On our previous post, we presented ten different fundamental table skirting designs for beginners which includes various types of pleats and some combinations of techniques. On this post we added more styles including our new techniques using rubber bonds.

You may watch the instructional video at the end of this post.

Knife Pleats with Stab
You can also call it "knife pleats with insert" but we prefer to use the term stab because it is more suitable complementary word for "knife" though it is not commonly used name for this kind of design.

2-layer Box Pleats

3-fold Accordion Pleats
Take not that accordion pleats usually starts from three fold to as many folds as you table cloth can handle. You also need to consider the length of your cloth when making more pleats.

Buttons and Pinch Pleats
This is our new discovery in table skirting, using rubber bond to create button design over box. This was an output of our trial and error method in looking for innovative techniques in making new table skirting designs and we find the result to useful that is why we are sharing it here.

Box, Arrow and Accordion Pleats Combination
Bow or Ribbon Design over 2-layer Box Pleats

Another version of Bow Design over 2-layer Box Pleats
The at the middle of each bow on this design is also created using rubber bonds instead of pins.

 You may watch the video below to find out how each of these styles especial the button style are created.

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