The Splendor of Daday Falls, Alamada, Cotabato, Philippines

Daday Falls is one of the three huge waterfalls in Dado, Alamada which is located at Sitio Mimbaliwag. I wrote about this gigantic falls way back in April 2013 when it was newly introduced to the public and my ‘kababayan’ from Alamada posted its photo on Facebook.

This year, I personally experience the splendor of Daday Falls and I discovered that the greenery around the foot of the falls are not moss but a kind of grass small round leaves. However, moss can be found at the base of big rocks and trunks of tall trees in the area.

Daday Falls has about five kilometers distance from the majestic Asik-Asik Falls and according to the locals, it has gotten its from from the family name of the owner of the land where the stream of the falls crosses.

It is considered as the biggest and highest falls in the Municipality of Alamada that drop in 90 degrees angle. There are also small waterfalls flowing on the cliffs in the surrounding.

During wet season when water in the stream has bigger volume, the whole area all over the base of the falls is wet because of the mist especially when the wind blows around.  if it is not waterproof, you cannot even bring your camera closer to the body of water because it will be damp by the tiny droplets of water coming from the falls.

The trek down to the spot is also trilling because the trail is very stiff and it take ample of minutes before the destination can be finally reached. You would also enjoy the beautiful scenery down to the falls including the giant ferns, layers of rocks and different plant species along the way.

Several "cabo negro" (tree ferns) are found around Daday Falls and this species of fern is already Endangered based of the 2019 report of CENRO Midsayap. In the old days when the tree fern was still abundant in the locality, the trunk of plants were used as fencing posts and the base of the trunk was harvested to be planted with orchids.

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