Color Harmony of Outfit for Different Occasions

When mixing and harmonizing your clad for different occasions, you will need to consider color very carefully.  This is because colors give different messages, and as usual different occasions need different types of colors to convey their meaning.

 It is not right to just choose any color because you think they appear good on you. Reflecting on your outfit color harmony is essential, more especially when attending significant functions.

Below are few ideas on how you can do it:

Job Interview

The solidness of maroon, navy blue or brown is useful core colors in any suit. However, with a touch color of cream in an accessory or a shirt, this will surely present an image of dependability and reliability. Moreover, a combination of pin, cream and purple is most suited for an interview in advertising, retail and sales work.


The defensive, hard-edged combination of black and red or yellow and black will help you keep at bay gauche questioning and various challenges of the courtroom. Most of these colors are warm too, hence they will help you create dynamic harmony on your suit.


Pastel colors draw out emotions in people, and lilac helps to give balance to these emotions. Hence, mid-range colors like viridian, lavender, coral-pink and cobalt-blue befit such an emotionally filled occasion.

Family Reunions and Birthdays

A happy function with many guests should be filled with solid but beautiful colors. Wearing a combination of violet, apricot, pink, mauve or imperial purple would best fit a vibrant birthday party.

Apple-green, pale pink and apricot will also aid nurture and cool a family meeting and encourage great communication among family members. This is mostly known as the power of colors.

Public Speaking

If you wish to speak before an audience, aim for colors that will engage your spectators, not to distract them. Core colors like navy blue, maroon and deep purple exude a sense of authority. Hence, you should keep away from them completely. Try black and red and then refurbish it with matching jewelry and accessories.

Christenings and Funerals 

Funerals are filled with sadness and sorrows. To ease the session, an outfit color harmony of violet, maroon, silver, apple-green and butter-cup yellow will help lift up the spirits of everyone present. For christening, a blend of silver and purple will also help to boost the atmosphere and generate a spiritual function.


Picking colors that go well simultaneously is an art and a science. This is because the main goal to putting together different colors is to produce harmony, and harmony is something gratifying to the eye. It connects the viewer and builds an inner sense of balance and order in the visual experience. When outfit color harmony is not there, the outfit is either chaotic or boring.

Thus, when shopping for color, always keep in mind that the colors you put on communicate different messages to others. In turn, it prompts a response, which is what everyone desires.

Besides this, consider colors that suit your particular skin tone and hair. You should also consider colors that match with seasonal changes. For instance, winter colors are sharp, stark and clear and summer colors should be pastels, muted colors and soft neutrals.

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