Logo Design Process for SPHT - Hardware Company


This is one of my freelance projects when I was in Brunei – the logo of a hardware business which focuses on the home construction and renovation needs.

The owner wanted a logo that will represent his business well with acronym "SPHT", and they had been using purple and yellow color scheme as one of the business' identity.

I started playing on several rough sketches of logos using various common hardware materials and construction tools like bolt and knot, L-square, construction hat, steel tape and anvil (see image above).

I selected three items from my sketches and presented them but when the client saw the rough sketches, he requested me to make more sketches of a steel tape logo.

So I made more steel tape inspired logo and the client picked the last one. A steel tape with the acronym "SPHT" on its body and the tape forms a silhouette line of a house.

Below is the final logo of SPHT in colored and monochrome version.

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