Kalivungan Festival 2018 Best Dressed Booth Contest Criteria

Booth of the Municipality of Alamada

One of the highlights of the Kalivungan Festival is the Best Dressed Booth Contest, which is participated by different City and Municipalities of Cotabato. The contest has the following Prizes and Criteria for Judging:


  • 1st Prize - P25,000.00
  • 2nd Prize - P20,000.00
  • 3rd Prize - P15,000.00
  • Consolation Prize to non-winning but participating LGUs - P10,000.00


Product Display - 25%

  • Variety of Display, Presentation and Arrangement
  • Backdrop, Signage

Packaging and Labelling of Products -20%

  • Product information, Promotion
  • Contact Details, Flyers, Business Card, etc

Marketability of Product - 15%

  • Export Potentials, Industry Trend
Farm/Agri-Tourism & Culture - 15%

Sustainability of Display -15%

Overall-All Impact - 10%

Booth of the Municipality of Alamada

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