Product Review: Electric Ice Crusher from Lazada

I purchased this product last May 2018 and when I received the product, the base was broken though the machine was working well.

We purchase this item because we needed an ice crusher for halo-halo. The item has a powerful 500W motor and stainless steel blades and it comes with stainless steel bowl. However, the base which looks like made from metal is actually a plastic material.

Since the base is plastic, it was easily broken during the shipment because the seller did not pack it well; there were no fillers inside the box to make the item stable during delivery.

Only the tube where the blade is attached, the handle, and the cover, which is use to push the ice are the parts which are metal. The bowl that hold shaved ice is stainless steel, and as mentioned earlier, the base is plastic.

I contacted the seller about the problem but they advised me to return the product. Since we urgently need the unit in making halo-halo, I decided not to return the item. Besides, the process of return an item to Lazada is not a favorable option for.

The quality of the shaved ice it produce is good, but since this item is branded, I am not sure if the output of the other units are consistent to this unit I have purchased.

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