Use Flower Arrangements as Visual Merchandising Tool

Flowers are used for their appeal and can particularly mean the difference between a good and a flawed first impression in any business.

Most businesses rely on good impression because it is crucial in attracting clients and effectively building a reputation. This is especially important for businesses that sell services and aesthetic products.

Choosing the right flower arrangement in a business will therefore set the ground for better dealings. It is however important for people to actually understand the merits of floral arrangement to their business before embarking on such a setup.

Importance of Flower Arrangement For Your Store

There are quite a number of things that a retailer can benefit from a simple organization of nature blooms. The major advantage is the fact that they build on the brand through many aspects of psychology.

For one, the incorporation of flowers implies the company is concerned about the environment is striving towards eco-friendly production. This is very important especially with the world today facing the harsh consequences of global warming.

More to this, simple flower arrangement will also create a lasting impression to the client and shoppers that the business is well organized. This is a bonus for the retailer because the client is already convinced that they are going to get great customer service support. They therefore factor significantly in providing an engaging shopping environment.

Flowers on Visual Merchandising

Flower arrangements are also very significant for their beauty aspect such that they may be used to represent certain special occasions. Valentines Day and Mother’s Day, for example are days characterized with lots of flowers and therefore any retail store that takes into account this factor will have a greater chance to get noticed.

Most specialty shops and counters that dedicated to selling goods for women are decorated with flowers, ranging from a bunch in a vase to a superfluous arrangement in the window.

Types of Floral Arrangements and Materials

There are a great number of patterns that could be used to pull off the floral arrangement task. They include Crescent, Triangular and Fan shapes which are simple and suited for table conversations or otherwise Vertical and Ikebana arrangements which serve more imaginative purposes.

For short events, fresh flowers are good to use but for a long-term purposes, artificial flowers rule – the latter are cheaper and last longer, which means less maintenance is necessary.

You can use the materials which you have used before on your new project with out spending additional dollars. All you need to do is to wash them to make them look fresh again.

Techniques on Decorating with Artificial Flowers

Create artificial flowers using crepe paper. Making flowers out of crepe doesn’t need high level of craftsmanship. I and my friend have created hundreds of plum blossoms for Chinese New Year display and decoration in just about one hour. I’m sure, you can also do that.

Collect twigs for free from your backyard and combine them with your arrangement to add height and fill the empty space. Twigs work best when love Ikebana, a Japanese-style flower arrangement.

Mix commercial artificial flowers with your own-made artificial flowers using papers to both save your finances and add attractiveness to your arrangement.

Topiary and pomander are also unique style to add in your display and decoration. Basically, a pomander is a ball of flowers and topiary is tree or shrub that trimmed into a desired form.

Use Styrofoam as floral foam when arranging dried and artificial flowers and ornamental plants because Styrofoam is stronger than floral foam.

To wrap it up, flowers are used not just to beautify you store but to build good brand.


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