1st Prize Winner of the Double A Product Display Contest in Brunei

‘Over-sized’ sounds negative in some cases but not for product display because it is one of those ways which attracks shoppers — unsual size, goes beyond normal.

We created a product display of Double A paper with over-sized decorative props with an aim of providing awareness, aside from increasing the sales, to its shoppers about the social and environmental befits of using the product.

This display won the 1st Prize of the Double A product display contest.

Double A is a brand name and company of a superior quality short fiber large paper sheets, premium copier paper, printer paper and stationery products from Thailand.

According to Double A, there are three major benifits of using Double A paper as stipluated at back potion of its product packaging.

1. Save Natural Fores and Combat Global Warming
Double A Paper-tree from Khan-na absorbs carbon dioxide, reducing green house gas emissions. This sustainable and environmentally friendly source of wood is used to produce premium quality Double A aper. Khan-na the farmer's unused land between rice paddies.
2. Generate and Use Biomas Energy
Barks and wood waste are used to generate biomas electricity which  is uused to produce every sheet of Double A paper. Excess electricity gerated is channeled back to the power grid for the betterment of the local communities.
3. Support Local Communities
Local rural farming communities grow Double A Paper-tree from Khan-na. This generates additional income up to 8% per community.

On its website in Malaysia, the unique and remarkable qualities of Double A Paper are (1) good runnability, (2) printing sharpness, (3) bright appearance, (4) excellent smoothness, (5) prolongs copier performance, (6) two-sided use and (7) longer storage period for doccuments.

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