Here Are Some Snapshots of the Pineapple Plantation in Rangayen, Alamada

Few years ago, many people in Cotabato were surprised and became excited to visit the small strawberry farm in Alamada because it was likely unusual to hear that a strawberry, winch is popularly known to be growing only in Baguio and other cold places in the country, can be possibly grown in one of the municipalities of Cotabato.

However, the farm is no more existing today according to the latest information I have received due to unknown reasons.

Now, the pineapple plantation in Rangayen is new beautiful place to visit in Alamada.Though there already pineapple growing in the municipality even since many years ago, this aforementioned  plantation became interesting because maybe of its vast open field. People in the place are only accustomed vast field of coconut, banana, rubber, oil palm, rice, and corn.

The plus points of the place is the view of valleys and mountain ranges that sounds it. Here are few photos from Joie Estoya.  

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