3 New Important Reminders for Visitors in Brunei

There are new rules and laws that were implemented in Brunei recently which are very important for people who plans to visit the country to know.

This is especially address to the tourists who are having their DIY travel—without an agent.
I was encourage to write this article because while I was in a public area (in Brunei) one time, I saw a lot of foreigner who are seemed to be not aware about the rules of the country.

1.) Shops, restaurants and offices are closed every Friday at 12:00nn-2:00pm

It is advisable for you to eat or buy your meals for lunch before 12 noon during Friday because the grocery stores and restaurants are close for the Friday prayer at noon until 2:00 pm. Or else, you will wait until the shops and fall stalls to open.

2.) Wearing "indecent outfit" in public is an offense against the new law of Brunei

If you are a woman who loves to showoff your cleavage, thigh and navel, Brunei is not the right place for that. Modesty is observed in the country especially after the implementation of the Sharia law in the country.

This means that you are not allowed to wear very sexy, sensual and seductive outfit. To make it safe for you, it is advisable not to wear sleeveless, backless and very fit and sexy short pants in public.
Remember, MODESTY is the keyword—modesty in the sense of Brunei culture.

3.) Smoking is public places like bus station, restaurants and parks is a crime

If you are in Brunei, you can actually see the "No Smoking" signs at the public places, and you will not be in trouble if you are not stubborn to follow what those signs say.
All of these rules have penalty including imprisonment depending on the degree of your offense.

Other things to remember when you are in Brunei
Traditionally, men do not shake hands with Malay woman.
Thumb is used to point something, not the index finger.
It is disrespectful and rude to stare into another person's eyes.
Brunei is a Muslim country, be careful about non-halal stuff.
Generally speaking, dog is not a "man's best friend" in Brunei.
White is a symbol of death for Malay; so when you send a gift, do not wrap it with white gift wrapper.
If you are a man, do not sit too close with a Malay woman—sit at least 2 feet apart.
Avoid touching Malay woman.

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