Introducing the Mimbalawag Falls in Alamada, North Cotabato (aka Daday Falls)

A year after we have introduce the splendid beauty of Asik-asik Falls, another falls was discovered at Alamada, North Cotabato, Philippines  – the Mimbalawag Falls a.k.a. Daday Falls.

Daday Falls is located at Sition Mimbalawag, a place that not far from Sitio Dulao, where Asisk-asik Falls is located. Neither Daday nor Mimbalawag is an official name of the falls. They are only taken from the name of the land owner and name of the Sitio where the falls is exactly located.

While Asik-asik Falls is glamoured with leafy plants growing on the rocks, Daday Falls is adorned with rocks that are covered with moss and fine grasses.

According to Ardin Dizon, one of the group members who have visited the spot, Daday Fall is about 10-15 minute away from Asik-asik Falls using a motorcycle.

Here are some shots from Ardin Dizon.

This new waterrfall is not very from Asik-asik. While Asik-asik Falls located at Sito Dulao, the Daday Falls is located at Mambaliwag, Dado, Alamada, Cotabato, Philippines.

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