7 Transferable Skills a Visual Merchandiser Should Have

On my previous post, I mentioned several creative skills a visual merchandiser should have and now, here are seven more skills a visual merchandiser should posses – the soft skills for visual merchandisers.

10 Creative Skills a Visual Merchandiser Should Have


To entice the customers to come in your store and buy is the primary goal of visual merchandiser; the window and internal display and other merchandising of promotional events will help you do that. 

And, to make sure that you become effective on doing it, here are the following skills you needed:

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How to Make Graph in Adobe InDesign

how to make graph in indesign

The straight forward answer to that is, you cannot directly make graph in InDesign for now because it does not have builtin tools to perform it, but he good news is you can create graphs using other Adobe Illustrator then insert into InDesign after making it.

Another option is to make the graph in Microsoft PowerPoint by using the insert Chart option then import the JPEF file of this graph into artwork Adobe InDesign.