7 More Photo of Simple Table Skirting Styles

When buying products, though adults often get interested what is inside the container, they are also attracted to better packaging. 

The same is true when hosting events. While people are often interested with will be going on in the activity, people will also be enticed on how the venue is glamoured and take note that tables are always on the center stage. It builds up first impression.

10 Simple Basic Table Skirting Design for Beginners

Table skirting has been an essential part of special events. It is an art of covering a table with cloth and other appropriate decorative materials with a purpose of hiding the legs of the table and concealing the things below the table.

Table skirting designs or sometimes referred as table skirting style varies depending upon the availability of cloth length and skills of the table skirter. It could be a simple single pleats, combinations of different kinds of pleats or more complicated designs.

Paper Crafts Techniques in Window Display

If you are looking for a cheap way to attract and lure customers to your shop, using paper crafts as display props is the option for you. Gone are the days when individuals used to rely on televisions and radios for advertisement in order to drive sales.

Since paper is a cheap and readily available commodity, it can used to create crafts of different shapes and size to suit your purpose.

How To Be a Visual Merchandiser: Here are 5 Points

It's either you are on the process of choosing a right profession or you want to shift from your current job to a new career path, here are five points to guide you.

Window Prepping: What Every Visual Merchandiser Should Know About It

I am sure that it would just be fine if you are dressing a small store window which you do not ladder to bring your merchandise and all the props into it, but if you’re a window that is situated at quite strange location, you might need to ponder these things I am going to talk about.