The Brand Identity of Mutya ng Alamada 2022

Mutya ng Alamada 2022 is a beauty pageant that was held on June 19, 2022 at the Alamada Municipal Gymnasium in celebration of the 53rd Founding Anniversary of the Municipality of Alamada, dubbed as the Araw ng Alamada 2022.

Its screening for the candidates was participated by 32 aspirants but only 12 of them become the official candidates who competed for the crown during the coronation night.

I was told by the event director that the theme of Mutya ng Alamada 2022 will mingle around the ideas hope and inspiration after the pandemic while remembering the past and incorporating the cultural heritage of the locality. The base colors would be black and white with vibrant colors highlight.

After more than a weeks, the brand identity for the event was finally done.

I used silver for the logo over the black background with illusion of glimmering lights at the bottom part and black background cuts a silhouette of a woman's face over a vibrant colors, which divide the black and the white backgrounds as shown on the featured image above, which are the sample of the T-shirt print design and the design for a customized trophy.

During the coronation night, the gate pass was necessary because the number of people who were allowed to enter the municipal gymnasium was limited. Here is the design of the VIP gate pass:

Below is the front and back cover of the program. The back portion contains the list of the event sponsors with the horizontal version of the Mutya ng Alamada 2022 logo.

This is the ID of the production team, the committee, make-up artist and stylist. It is printed in quarter size of an A4 paper and attached into a black and silver lanyard.

The round design below was used for gift tags, lei stickers:

This is the format of the certificates:

The design of sash:

This is the banner which contains the name and logo of the sponsors.

This is the design of cue card:

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