The Story Behind the Araw ng Alamada 2022 Logo

Alamada is a municipality in the province of Cotabato, which is situated in the island of Mindanao, Philippines. The place was named after an Iranun ruler, Datu Amaiboliok (Amaybolyok) Alamada, and officially became a municipality on June 21, 1969 pursuant to Republic Act No. 5645.

This year, it is celebrating its 53rd Founding Anniversary dubbed as "Araw ng Alamada 2022" with the theme, "Mamayang Nagkakaisa at Nagtutulungan, Susi sa Pagkamit ng Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran ng Ating Bayan" (United and Cooperating People, Key to Achieve Peace and Development of the Municipality).

The Araw ng Alamada 2022 is the comeback celebration after two years that is was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has separated the people from their routines, caused gatherings to be restricted, and cancelled important events. However, despite of the morbid experience caused by the virus, the people have striven to become creative and productive.

In the Municipality, more natural resources that are hidden in its rich environment were discovered and the cultural heritage of our locality has become apparent during those years when people's movement became limited and the residents were directed to stay in the locality. The LGU has implemented programs and projects which focus on the discovery, enrichment and conservation of the local natural resources and cultural heritage.

That over two years journey was the inspiration of the Araw ng Alamada 2022 logo.

The representation of the elements: The bunting and colors represent the celebration and festivity. The three icons of people represent the Lumad, Muslim and Christians or commonly know as the tri-people. The Milagrosa (resurrection fern)  represents the flora in the municipality and the tarsier represents the fauna - both of these species were only discovered recently in Alamada. The gong represents the culture – the Iranun gong was the oldest tangible heritage that has link with family of Datu Alamada. The corals represent the geographical history of the place – it is believed that the place was once a seabed, and dead corals were found in the mountain area of the municipality. The water splats represent our most abundant and valuable natural resource, the fresh water, which the municipality is blessed with.

All those those elements has linked to the vision of the municipality as a watershed cradle, producer and supplier of agricultural products, and ecotourism center living in harmony among gender responsive, empowered and God-centered constituents.

We may diverse in folkways and mores but we are united and cooperating towards the achievement of our common goal, the peace and development.

Below are the designs I created for the Araw ng Alamda 2022.

This is a design for the 5feet by 35 feet tarpaulin vertical banner that was displayed at above the entrance of the municipal building:

Another long horizontal tarpaulin was place at the lobby of the municipal building and it has a dimension of 3 feet by 19 feet:

There was also several 3 feet by 6 feet vertical banners that were display along the national highway during the 53rd Founding Anniversary of the Municpality of Alamad and this is the design:

Aside from the banners, there were also tarpaulin billboards during the celebration. The design was printed in a 6 feet by 10 feet tarpaulin, which was placed at the ground in font of the municipal building, and 8 feet by 12 feet tarpaulin, which was displayed at the national highway of the municipality. This is the billboard design:

For Facebook page cover, I only incorporated minimal elements to give emphasis on the event logo and the theme. 

The three-fold program and invitation was printed on an A4 size paper and its content includes the message of the Mayor, the schedule of activities from Day 1 until the Culmination Day and the order of the civic parade.

The design for the list of the working committee is almost similar with inner side of the three-fold program.

And lastly, this circular design which was used for lei, stickers and token tag:

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