Hari Raya Ketupat Free Photos

Ketupat is icon symbol of Hari Raya Aidilfitri or  Eid celebrations especial in Southeast Asian counties like Malaysia, Idnonesia, Singapore and Brunei.

Here are free to use ketupat raya images for Hari Raya 2020. These ketupat pictures were shoot in white background which is intended for graphic design purposes. Just click the images to download the HD version f the files.

ketupat hari raya 2020 white backgroundgambar ketupat raya aidilfitri 2020

gambar ketupat hari raya transparanhari raya ketupat single

ketupat png transparent hd image freeketupat png with white backgroundketupat raya design free

There are numerous assortments of ketupat, with two of the more typical ones being ketupat nasi and ketupat pulut.Ketupat nasi is created utilizing standard white rice and is wrapped by a square shape with coconut palm leaves while ketupat pulut is delivered utilizing glutinous rice is regularly enclosed by a triangular shape utilizing the leaves of the fan palm (Licuala). Ketupat pulut is additionally called ketupat daun palas in Malaysia, principally found in northern Malay Peninsula and among the Malay people group of southern Thailand. Typically ketupat pocket are produced using janur or youthful palm leaves fronds. Be that as it may, in Kalimantan, nipah leaves may be utilized and woven into ketupat too. In Central Java, Lebaran Ketupat is called Bada Kupat, and was praised by cooking and serving ketupat and lepet (steamed clingy rice cooked in plaited palm leaves) in Semarang. In Colo, Kudus Regency, a procession of gunungan (cone-shape offering) made of ketupat, lepet and other nourishment things on the slant of Mount Muria close to the grave of noted Muslim evangelist Sunan Muria, was held to observe Bada Kupat, while on the incline of Mount Merapi in Boyolali Regency,the festivity included a motorcade of domesticated animals beautified with ketupat.In different places in Indonesia, there is a service called Lebaran Ketupat, which is seen after the finish of an additional six days of fasting following Idul Fitri.

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