2020 Top Summer Destinations in Alamada

Going to beach is an out rated fad this summer because Alamada has more to offer.

An abundant agriculture land with happy community and unique fusion of diverse cultures, the Municipality of Alamada has become known to other people outside the province because of the Asik-Asik Falls that was introduced to public in March 2012, and that was eight years ago.

Today, this place which was formerly called Genio Edcor in honor of the late M/SGT Regino Genio who was ambushed in 1953 at Perido EDCOR Farm in Angadunan, Isabela by the Hukbong Magpapalaya ng Bayan has more tourist attractions aside from the majestic Asik-Asik Falls that are very suitable destinations to escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and the hostile temperature of summer.

Let’s start the list rolling.

1. Rangayen

This is dubbed as the “Little Baguio of Alamada” because of low temperature in the area even during sunny days. It is located on the top of a mountain along the road going to the Municiaplity of Banisilan. 

The Sacdalan Farm, Camp Heaven’s View, Ostique RNR, Nitibu Café, The Tent City and Sky Park are the popular stops in the area.

At few kilometers away from Kampo Dyes is the Guo View Deck, which showcases the beautiful landscape of Bgry. Guiling.

2. Raradangan River

This is part of the Libungan River which passes through Brgy. Raradangan, and the popular area for swimming is that beside the Raradangan bridge. There are cottages for rent by private individuals in the area but no entrance fees.

You can enjoy several activities in the river and riverbank such as picnic with family and friends, swiming, fishing, DIY water tubing and stone balancing. Of course, Filipinos love singing hugot songs like Halaga by Parokya ni Edgar, Ikaw at Ako by Moira and Jason or even the old but gold Green Green Grass of Home with videoke, and yes, there videokes in the site.

3. Pobre Hidden Spring

The non-stops flow of cold and clean spring water is the best asset of this resort which is located at Lower Dado. The pools are in the middle of the farm with lots of fruit crops and overlooking the rice field.

Adjacent the spring is the century old Bay-ang tree or commonly known as Binuang or Erima with as scientific name Octomeles sumatrana which is estimated to be 60 meters high.

The entrance fee is Php 25.00 at daytime and Php 50.00 at night; the cottage and table rental is Php300.00. They also have room for an overnight stay for only Php500.00 per room per night and a dormitory type room with double deck beds and a maximum capacity of 40 individuals for only Php200.00 per person per night.

4. The Dado 3Falls

These are the tree most popular falls in Alamada which are all located at Barangay Dado, the majestic Asik-Asik Falls, the gigantic Daday Falls and the raging Palepaz Falls. All of them are link by a stream which is connected to the Libungan River.

daday falls alamada

While Daday Falls and Palepaz Falls have waterfalls coming from the upstream just like other common falls in the world, Asik-Asik Falls has a mysterious source of water which gushes out from the rocks like hundreds of fountain sprouting on a cliff.

palepaz falls alamada

Daday Falls is categorized as plunged waterfall, Palepaz Falls is categorized as horsetail waterfall, and Asik-Asik Falls is categorized as…. Oh! It’s hard to categorize Asik-Asik Falls because it is the ONLY ONE of its kind in the world so far. It is not even comparable to Burney Falls of California because it has no body of water directly above it – the Burney Falls has obvious source of water which the river in flowing the middle of it.

Anyway, Alamada has lots of bodies of water and let us talk another newly discovered falls.

5. Pundog Falls

It was introduce to public in October 2019 but until now I have not been in the site. However, there are already several set of photos on social media and my friends have visited the site. It is a tiered type of waterfall with deep pool in every tier where visitors can plunge into its cool water.

Pundog Falls is located at Cararaan, Macabasa and you need to walk quite long distance since the site is newly discovered hence only trail off-road trail is the path. Don’t forget to bring drinking water and food because there are no stores in the site.

How to get there?

It would be easier if you Waze or Goolge Map because apps will easily guide to the Municipality of Alamada, which is located in the 1st District of North Cotabato, Region XII (SOCCSKSARGEN), Mindanao, Philippines.

The municiaplity is accessible via Libungan-Banisilan road. Here is How to Get in Alamada.

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