Inyam Fruit (Antidesma ghaesembilla)

Inyam (Antidesma ghaesembilla) is native to the Philippines. It looks like bignay (Antidesma bunius) but the fruit is smaller and its leaves are oval-shaped of 10 cm long and 4 cm wide.

Its flowers emerge at the axils or on the tip of branches, and the size of its fruit is as small as whole black pepper which is color green when still young and dark red when ripe. The uneven color of the fruits in one cluster make them pleasing to the eyes.

The fruit has a sour taste similar to that of the cranberry when immature, and a tart but sweet taste when ripe.

This plant grows as a small tree of 3–8 m high.

Children in rural areas especially in the farm, usually enjoy eating this fruit with little amount of salt and vinegar. That it one of the fun activities I miss from my childhood.

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  1. We have this in our farm. Our kids love to eat this.

  2. Our inyam tree infront of our house was robust but unlucky it just died... It gave us good shield like an umbrella.. So sad

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