3 Adult Party Games Which Don’t Require Much Movement

You cannot really escape from the reality the most adults do not like to participating party games especially if the games require too much movement like running and jumping. They prefer the games that will only let them stand of sit in one place.

This is maybe because they are old to move quickly, but whatever would be the reason behind this situation, here are the types of the party games to make them participate in the activities.

Words Games

Scrabble is the most popular words game which you can use, but you need to set particular time to end the end. You can make this game special when you add extra points or double the points of the player who can forma a word that is related to your celebration or qualify some words like the name of the birthday celebrant in the game.

Boggle is another exciting word game which you can use. If you have smartphone or tab, you can download this type of application so that you won’t need the bulky dice and sand timer.

Other popular words games which you can use are crossword puzzled, fill in the missing letters, rearranged letters and word factoring.

Easy and Common Sense Quiz

You need to give each participants, individually or by group, with a piece of paper and pencil to write their answer to questions. Make sure that the questions that you are going to ask are easy, practical and common sense questions. Take these for example:

  • What is the name of birthday celebrant’s grandmother?
  • What is the year our birthday celebrant was born?
  • How many animals of each type did Adam take into the arc? Answer: None, because it was Noah, not Adam
  • If you have the coin inside a bottle that covered with a cork, how can remove the coin without pulling out the cork. Answer: push the cork inside the bottle then get the coin.

After few questions, ask the participants to exchange the answer sheets with their opponents for checking. The highest number of correct answer is the winner.

Act the Answer

This is a group game. Ask each group to have a representative to act with saying a word the word or title of a song that you are going to give. Say for example, the title of the song is “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer”; the representative will act it and his or her group will guess the answer.

Please take note that only you and the representative know the answer. If the group cannot get the right answer after 1 minute, the other groups can steal the answer if they know it. The acting is done each group, one after another.

You can use popular movie title, news, quotes or phrases as subject of the game.

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