Paper Crafts Techniques in Window Display

If you are looking for a cheap way to attract and lure customers to your shop, using paper crafts as display props is the option for you. Gone are the days when individuals used to rely on televisions and radios for advertisement in order to drive sales.

Since paper is a cheap and readily available commodity, it can used to create crafts of different shapes and size to suit your purpose.

Another importance of using paper crafts as widow display props is that you can get creative with it. This means that you can color them whichever way you want unlike purchased props, and also you can custom design them the way you want without incurring extra cost.

As such, your crafts will be both attractive and attention grabbing. There are various ways through with you can use to design your paper crafts namely; paper quilling, paper collage, silhouette cuts, origami, paper mache, beads, strips, weaving and wrapping.

Paper Crafting Types and Techniques

Paper Collage. In creating paper crafts, paper collage is technique of creating patterns or objects through pasting of small colored papers onto another paper. To do this, one creates small papers of different shapes and sizes that they require. They then arrange them in the design they wish to materialize and paste them together.

Silhouette Cutting. Like the name sounds, silhouette paper modelling technique involves the creation of shadow images of our target image. To do this, one uses a dark paper and the object to be created a silhouette from. To make the actual silhouette, one usually places the object on the dark paper, tape them together, and then use a sharp cutting edge to cut out the silhouette.

Quilling. © Inna Dorman |, via Wikimedia Commons

Paper Quilling. It is a technique that involves rolling and shaping of paper strips to create designs. In this, the paper is wound around a quill that produces a coil shaped paper as a result. These would different coiled papers are then arranged and glued together to form various window display props.

Origami.  It is the art of paper folding from Japan. Because of its popularity, origami has becom an inspiration in different fields of Arts and Design, including logo design and other different type of print designs. In window display, you can create animals, plants, vase and many figures using folding tecnique which you can add as decoration of your display.

Paper Beads. These are made from paper strips rolled and glued like beads. Basically, you will need a barbecue stick where you can roll the srtips around. After rolling a paper strip around the stick, stick the end part with glue then pull the stick out.

Paper Mache. The product is usually a paper sculpture that is hallow inside or a mask. It is formed by wrapping a mold with wet paper strips with white glue. The mold is wrapped with several layer of paper until it is thick. This paper then will be carefull removed from mold when it is dry.

Paper Strips. The strips can be used directly as they or you can use them for making beads and woven projects. The curled paper strips is a good space filler which may resemble grass during spring and summer, hay during autumn and snow during winter; it will just depend on what color of paper you are goinf to use – green for spring and summer, yellow or brown for autumn and white for winter.

Weaving. It is to form something by passing strips or strands of paper over and under one another.  You can crate different woven patterns to be used as background or you can make a basket, tray or vase depending on what is necessary for your next visual merchandising project.

Wrapping. It has no hidden meaning; it is to literally wrap any ojed with sheets of paper. Think about wrapping each of your props with wallpaper – everthing have the same designs on its suface. This is one way to introduce “pattern” and “harmony” in your display.

Have tried doing these styles and techniques? Which you like to use most? Are somethig else you want to add? Please let me know your thought.


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