List Visual Merchandising and Window Display Themes

Thinking and searching of what theme to use for your next window display or visual merchandising activity every week or every month is exhausting. It would help you save your budget and time if you have planned your visual merchandising activities for the whole year because you would know which materials to purchase in bulk and are to be used on the next project.

I admit that even I have fallen into temptation of doing a display without a theme when I was running out of ideas and cannot find a new theme for a new display but but I came to realize that theme is one of the important element of window display. Although sometimes we experience creativity block, it wont change the fact that sky is the limit if we talk about window display themes.

Here, I have provided the link to the ultimate list of international observances and public holidays and other categories of themes which you use are reference.

1. Seasons

A season is a division of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology, and hours of daylight. Is the definition quite complex? Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall are the examples of seasons.

In other tropical countries which only experience two seasons, wet and dry or rainy and sunny, seasons of particular  naturally grown fruits and vegetables are more known like mangoes which its season falls on the months of March to June. You can use the different seasons as your window display theme; just remember to use them timely.

2. Anniversaries

Business Anniversary is one of the important event that you need to celebrate in your store and this is also one of the important window display theme that you should never forget. However, there are many stores that do not give importance on it.

You can also add on you list the anniversary of the city where your business is located, the 10th year anniversary of your in-house brand and so on.

3. Science and Technology

Spaceships, outer space, molecules and particles, fossils, social media, internet, buildings and construction are only few things to mention under the Science and Technology theme category.

Think about what you have studied in your Science and Technology subject during you your basic education and use them as your window display theme. This might sound funny but I can assure you that this will work.

4. Arts and Design 

Typography , painting, graffiti, sculpture, photography, retro art are some themes to mention under Arts and Design category.

5. Movies and Literature

How many thousands of movies do you know? How about popular novels, poems and stories? If you cannot think of a new window display theme, try to ask your friends what are latest movies then start choosing from the the list which one you can use for your window display.

6. Lifestyle and Celebrities

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you surely have read my re-post about Lady Gaga Bodiour. This only one of the example for this category. Urban street, luxurious living, birthday of the queen, the royal wedding are some themes that we can include on this group.

7. International Observances

There are 300 different observances that are recognized in the world and over 200 of them are observed every year. Observances are sometimes referred as dedication or anniversaries or awareness.

Most of these international dedication are observed on a specific day every year like World Teacher’s Day every October 5 and Friendship Day every July 30, some are observed in a particular week like World Spare Week every October 4-10, and some are observed in a specific month like breast Cancer Awareness Month every October.

Sometimes, international observance are observed in a particular year like “International Year of Sustainable Energy for All” for 2012.

Follow this link to the list: International Observances (Wikipedia)

8. Public Holidays

Public holidays which is also known as national holiday or legal holiday is usually a non-working day during the year that is established by law by every country.

Each country has different public holidays. However, some countries have similar legal holidays, like Christmas and New Year which is celebrated many different countries.

Here is the link to the list of public holidays that is classified by country: List of Holidays by Country (Wikipedia) 

Thanks your for reading. Please share your thoughts.


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