5 Elements of Effective Window Display

Setting up a window display is like preparing for a special event and grand performance which you need every thing in the checklist to completed ready. Like every performance and special event, window display has its elements that make the show successful.

Lest's just say that a window display is like a concert of your favorite celebrity, and let find out what are the roles of each element in the show.

1. Merchandise

The star of window display. Without the merchandise, the stores’ window display will lost its meaning. This is the most important element of window display because the merchandise is what makes money for your store.

 This is the reason why you need different selling tactics and this is the reason why you need to have window display.

Your merchandise can be classified into best seller, impulse items, seasonal and trend items, advertised items, specialty goods, browse items,  basic stocks and problems stocks. Among the classifications, the last the list is a big NO NO to be included in you window display.

2. Props

The advocates of the star. As advocates, your props should not take the role of merchandise as the star but to support your merchandise to be seen as what it needs to be – to be on its best, attractive and worth buying look. The first thing on your window display that the customers should notice is the merchandise, not the props.

 In event that the props is more attractive to eyes of the audieve, make sure that you can find a way to direct the viewers eyes into the merchandise. Motion and direction is a good techtique to achieve this purpose.

Props can be classified as functional (mannequins, stand, panels), decorative (mirrors, flowers, sea shells) or structural (boxes, cylinder, sphere).

3. Signage

The receptionist of window display. It breaks doubts, it answers common questions and it delivers straight forward information to your target audience.
The greatest mistake that you can do as visual merchandiser is to let the customers guess the message that you want to give them unless you are having a promotion using a guessing game. Use signage to tell people about your theme, the price and other necessary information that would encourage them to enter your store and make purchases.
These are many ways to classify signage but commonly, they are classified into corporate signage, information signage, category and location signage, directional signs and price tags.

4. Lights

The make-up of window display.  Without lights, your window display is like as a woman’s face without make up. The random and wrong application of lighting on window display is like a woman’s whose make-up is like that of Joker’s face. Can you imagine that?

Lighting can be over-all lighting like fluorescent lamps, accent lighting like spot lights and atmosphere lighting like colored lights.

5. Space

The stage for the star.  It includes the length, the width and the hight. This where all of the above are found. This is where your star showcase its glamour  and blast a seduction!

In Photography, they say that the best asset of a photographer to use is the fame; it window display, it is the space.

Fill the space but do not overcrowd.

Thanks you for reading. Until the next post.


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