How Your Looks Could Save or Destroy Your Day

Marketers know that in the world of business, packaging is important. Aside from its main function of protecting the product, a company uses packaging to attract consumer, promote the item, facilitate purchase decision, and differentiate the product in the market.

It has been proven that the physical appearance of the product affects the purchase decision of the buyer. It if is more presentable, it is likely that the consumer will pick it from the shelf.

Sad to say but the same principle is true to human being. We are like products that we need to sell or ourselves to other people every day.  No, I am not referring to protestation. When you are asking favor or requesting something from somebody, you are putting yourself in a selling situation.

The way you present yourself affects whether other people will response positively or negatively to your request or to the favor you have asked, and your looks has big role in such situation.

According to experts, a person who gets an image makeover reports increased self-esteem and greater trust and respect after changing their looks.

A posts from Forbes, cited that career counselors still advise their clients to dress for the job they want and not the job they currently have.

In some social experiments done by YouTube vlogger, differences are seen on how other people respond to the same person with different looks. People are willing to extend help to the well-dressed guy than the beggar version of the same guy.

So, what can you say about this fact? Have you ever experienced different treatment because of your looks?

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