4 Clash of Clans Addicts’ Ways to Financial Literacy

Do you receive notifications on your mobile phone like "Your troops are ready for battle!"  or "Your spells are ready to take into battle"?

 If yes, you certainly know the terms that I am going to talk about. But if you don't you can first create you COC account and go back on this read this post afterwards.

Here are some importance personal finance lessons your get learn from playing the very hot mobile game, Clash of Clans:

1. Buy and Upgrade Your Resources

In the beginning of the game, you are provided with free gold coin, elixirs, and gems to get started. You are going to use these treasures in building your village.

You are also given free three days shield (your security) to protect your village from being attacked by other players who want to steal your gold, elixirs, and trophies.

Now, using the gold coins and elixirs, you have the options to shop for items like resources, decorations, army, and defenses — the worst items that you should not buy first are decorations, they are apple to the eyes but are useless after all. You most valuable treasures are the gems.

The best you could do is to keep on buying and upgrading your resources while your shield is active because they will continue to provide you with treasures even your are offline or sleeping.

Use the coin and elixirs, do too much quantity in your storage or else they will be stolen when your shield is over.

Personal Finance Lesson: While you are still secure from your job, use your treasure (your income) to buy items that will generate another treasure. In Finance, we call them assets—something that will put cash into your wallet even you when sleep.

Putting all hard-earned income in the bank as savings is also a bad idea— invest it into something that will generate more income.

2. TIME is Your Most Valuable Asset

Almost all actions that you are going to do in the game are time-bounded. You have 30 second to scout other player's village, and 3 minutes to attack it. Time is also applied when building or upgrading your troops and the items in your villages.

However, you are also given an option to speed up your tasks or boost the production by using your available gems.

The wiser the you manage your time, the less gems your will spend while your village develops faster. This makes the old players of the game reach Level 100 and above. Your game level goes higher as you earn more experiences.

Personal Finance Lesson: It is always being taught by financial experts that when it comes to investing, your most valuable asset is time. The early you start your savings and investment, the higher the chances that you can retire at early age.

If you find it necessary to use your gems (your resources) to save time so that your can do other valuable projects then do it. In one day, you can always get more gems but you can never get more time.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Attack and Loose

Yeah, it's sounds funny but I have my friend who are shivering with nervous when attacking his opponent's war base.

Loosing is always a part of the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but all actions you do give you an additional experience. The more you attack, the more you learn, and the higher your chances of winning later on.

When your attack fails then try again next time. After all, even you lose the battle; you can still get some loots for your village.

Personal Finance Lesson: You can never achieve your financial goals unless you get things started. It is normal that we feel embarrassed when we fail but take note that success is a chain of failures.
Instead of focusing on the expenses you've spent and on negative result, focus on the experience you can get on the process and you will see that you have never lose the game.

I hope you enjoy COC as well as this post. Thank you for reading.

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