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According to the Internet Scam Staistcs, internet scam complaints rose from 100,000 per year to nearly 300,000 per year from 2005 to 2009.  The monetary loss of scam complaints easily exceeds $300 million per year, and men report 25% higher monetary losses related to internet spam than females.

Last October 2012, I was contacted be the Acting Senior Editor for Regional Publishing of Pearson Education South Asia for a permission to use one of the photos of a Double A display in a tertiary textbook, Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective 6th Edition, which is published by Person Education South Asia Pte Ltd.

I did not take the request so serious because spam and scam in the internet seem to be normal (since it is easy to pick any reliable name from the web and use the identity for a dark motive), but for the benefit of the doubt, I replied to the request as how I replied to other inquiries from my blog like interviews, guest posting details and tips.

Thinking that I have nothing to loss because it was only a piece of digital image anyway, I have given what the person been asking, I sent the high resolution images and a formal permission to use photo accordingly. Then I was asked if I want a complimentary copy of the published book. I said, Yes.
I did not expect much that it was true, but TNT has successfully delivered the complimentary copy book to me last week. ^_^

I was and am very happy to have the copy and I like the book.

My gratitude to Person Education South Asia Pte Ltd especially to the Project Editor, Chelsea Che for sending a copy of the book. More power to you.

Overview of the Book

Title: Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective 6th Edition
Authors: Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Swee Hoon Ang, Siew Mang Leong & Chin Tiong Tan
Publisher: Person Education South Asia Pte Ltd
ISBN13: 978-981-06-8797-7
ISBN10: 9810687974

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Book description as found on the back cover:

Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective 6th Edition covers the topics and informed marketing manager needs to understand to execute strategic, tactical, and administrative marketing. Through its various editions, Marketing Management: An Asian Perspective has kept up-to-date and maintained its respective position among students, educators, and businesspeople.

This sixth edition builds on the strengths of the past edition that distinguish it from other management texts. The book provides insight with an Asian flavor, drawing from regional thinkers and business leaders, Asian trends and events, and practices which impact Asian marketing. Case studies and example have been carefully selected to provide students with a good mix of Asian and international examples, as well as a comprehensive understanding of emerging markets and marketing trends. In addition, a heightened focus on e-marketing activities helps students to understand the growing integration of technology and marketing in today’s globally-connected world. A complete set of instructor’s resources has been improved to help with lesson planning and preparation.

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