Paper Crafts Techniques in Window Display

If you are looking for a cheap way to attract and lure customers to your shop, using paper crafts as display props is the option for you. Gone are the days when individuals used to rely on televisions and radios for advertisement in order to drive sales.

Since paper is a cheap and readily available commodity, it can used to create crafts of different shapes and size to suit your purpose.

How To Be a Visual Merchandiser: Here are 5 Points

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Window Prepping: What Every Visual Merchandiser Should Know About It

I am sure that it would just be fine if you are dressing a small store window which you do not ladder to bring your merchandise and all the props into it, but if you’re a window that is situated at quite strange location, you might need to ponder these things I am going to talk about.

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6 Types of Window Display According to Style

You might have seen different types of window display and even take photos of them but you have not tried classifying them according to their type. Today, you can identify each of them if which type of window display do they belong.

1. Realism

It is a type of window that shows things exactly as they appear in life. Dummies and mockups are being used instead of models. This is the most common type of window display and is often used in furniture and home furnishing shops.