11 Questions to Test Your Common Sense and Tease Your Brain

Without much a do, let us exercise your brain this time and check your common sense.

Cloth Styling Techniques on Visual Merchandising

Cloth styling is an easy activity when you are familiar with some techniques on dealing with fabric, one of the good decorative props I can recommend which you can use on your display, may it be a window display or an indoor display.

Use Flower Arrangements as Visual Merchandising Tool

Flowers are used for their appeal and can particularly mean the difference between a good and a flawed first impression in any business.

Most businesses rely on good impression because it is crucial in attracting clients and effectively building a reputation. This is especially important for businesses that sell services and aesthetic products.

11 Things That Grab Shoppers’ Attention in Your Store

“Got it! Got it!” shout of a young boy while spinning the fishing reel. But before had caught a healthy fish, he did used a bait, attached in the hook, to get the attention to the going to and fro fishes who are looking for food to devour.

How about in your store, what bait do you use to get healthy sales? Let me share with you my ideas.

Lighting Tips to Give Your Shop Display a Kick

When I was young and my mother comes home from the wet market then say that the prices of the fish in the market is geeting expesive, she would immediately add more line saying that it is because the fishermen could hardly catch fishes because fullmoon is coming.

Do you know the relationship between fishing and fullmoon?